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Truth Never Triumphs- Its opponents Just die out : Die Wahrheit triumphiert nie, ihre Gegner sterben nur aus.

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Yes these are the words of MAX planck258882122_c866739b37

If we look at our society ,no wonder we see many apparent paradoxes that reinstate that “Truth Alone triumphs”  but metaphysically speaking there is no one case in history where” Truth ” has emerged victorious . Albeit there are many nuances that frame a prejudice in the minds of the ” Normal ” human being , I would like to quote “Normal human” because he is the one who is the living proof of all the Misdeeds of so called wise and Popular gentlemen.

But my interest in bringing out this topic is not just to state    this famous quote but to depict how this small phrase has a wider and far more powerful impact on our daily lives

From Religion to Market Fundamentals, From Politics to Social coherence .

Thinking ” All that  Religion preaches  is Truth ” and conceiving all the Successfull gentlemen are noble , and trusting the jurisprudence that it delivers ” Justice’  is indeed a blind faith.

To understand more .lets look at Indian society where there is a vast economic difference between different sections ,where Political system is driven by Religious Fundamentalists ,how can you ever imagine that “This society can Reformed”. As a quote in a Recent bollywood film states ” Indians Need Entertainment rather than development” completely depicts the Indian society.

Agreed ” Truth Never Truimphs” , butiam skeptical about the second phrase … Does “Its Opponents really fade away”?.

I feel this applies to cosmogenics but not to our society,so  we can conceive that  its opponents may die out but  we must not forget  that  ” Energy cannot be destroyed “. So the opponents may fade away but    its Impossible to have  a society without  “EVIL”.

Think about it ..what happens to all our religious system and social myths  if there is no such thing as ” EVIL”. Its hard to imagine and apparent conclusion that pops out of this  is ” If there is No EVIL – There is No GOD”….so here we can see that  there  is a Need for EVIL / False /BAD in the society  for social cohesion, Just as “There  is need for HERO only when  Villain  exists”

So there is absolute necessity of Both EVIL and GOD  for maintaining social Class , power ,control in this society.

And the Fact is ” Neither Truth Triumphs Nor its Opponents Die out”

– vasuudev


Written by vasuudev

May 28, 2009 at 2:22 pm

Posted in Personal Statement

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