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YE…Micheal Douglas WallStreet…..Inspired me a Lot.Gekko is My favourite charecter its Just Superb fit.I have seen the film 20 times but still this Line makes me to Think and See again “Greed is GOOD” yes ever seen the result of Hard work,well i have , small savings,living with complacency and Worshiping Some Transgendered GODS…Man its everyday story of an Indian .. We have seen british rule,arabic invasions and Indian Cockroaches …Only a Moron would ever dare to think or dream that this Country and People of this Country are Independent ateast Emotionally…. I am 22 and i have got what many Indian guys and gals are dreaming…an Identity, Salary..Less sleep More work…False Promises…not to Mention Fucking Relationships. I found a New thing :”Sab Bhiktein hein” some for less and some for more in Terms of Money and Time.( New Rule of Capitalism) and you need to go for that Rate. so I Wana be a Pure Manipulator..Tomorrow


Written by vasuudev

May 29, 2009 at 10:57 am

Posted in Personal Statement

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